Our School

Plumosa opened its doors in the City of Delray Beach, in October 1954. At the time, Plumosa served students from Delray Beach and Boynton Beach.

In 2007-2008, Plumosa introduced a Dual Language Program in Spanish as a Choice Program as well as a Visual, Performing, and Communication Arts Choice Program introduced in 2008-2009.

Creative self-expression and exploration.

Plumosa School of the Arts addresses the needs of the whole child – academically, emotionally, socially. Students at Plumosa have the unique opportunity for creative self-expression and exploration. Plumosa strives to build students’ confidence and open their minds. Students discover ideas and possibilities that they might not otherwise pursue.

Dream big dreams.

The arts inspire children to dream big dreams, to be authentically who they are, to develop self-confidence and to nurture a caring attitude for others.

They provide the foundation for children to become healthy, well-rounded, confident individuals who are capable of tapping into a wealth of inner resources.

Arts education improves academic performance.

We know that arts education improves academic performance, particularly among students most at risk of academic failure. It improves conceptual skills, creative and critical thinking, spatial reasoning, reading, writing, language proficiency, and logic. It also improves self-awareness and social skills, which diminish the impulse to act out and bully others.

Developing competence, confidence and character.

Plumosa teaches an extraordinary breadth of students, both socio-economically and ethnically. Three quarters of the students qualify for subsidized meals. The unique opportunity the school provides for creative self-expression and exploration bridges cultural gaps, builds students’ confidence, and opens their minds to discovering new possibilities. This makes Plumosa uniquely effective in helping children develop competence, confidence and character.