each child's potential.

Visual, Performing, and Communication Arts • Dual Language


A vibrant arts community that nurtures talent, creativity, academics and character in a collaborative school environment.


To inspire, allow self-expression and build character thru arts education.

Core Values

Inspiration – To breathe in, to envision, to imagine possibilities beyond one’s circumstances, to aspire toward one’s greatest potential. The Foundation invests in opportunities for children – their families and our community – to dream about and create hope-filled, productive, satisfying futures through the arts education.


Self-Expression – To express one’s own personality, feelings, or ideas. The foundation invests in opportunities for children to become creatively engaged in education and the arts; to have outlets to express their ideas, feelings, interests, and imagination.


Character – To develop beliefs, values, and ethics that support a meaningful, joyful life. The foundation invests in opportunities for children that foster qualities of respect, humility, confidence, self-esteem, and leadership.